Courses Offered

Private Pilot Certificate

The FAA requires a minimum of 40 hours flight training. However, the national average before certification is...

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Instrument Rating

The Private Pilot's next logical step in developing their flying skills and acquiring a rating to fly in the clouds...

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Commercial Pilot

If you already have a Private Pilot Certificate and would like to get paid to fly, you will need to get your Commercial Certificate...

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Multi-Engine Rating

Adding a Multi-Engine Rating can be accomplished in as little as 1-week. Please call to discuss options...

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Flight Review (FR)

All certificated pilots must complete a Flight Review (or the equivalent) every 24 months...

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Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC)

If a pilot is not "Instrument Current" per Federal Aviation Regulation Part 61.57(c) and...

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Additional Training

Pinch-Hitter Training

This program provides training for the pilot's companion or significant other. We review basic flight principles, etc.

After completion, participants often say they enjoy flying even more now that they understand the instruments and radios!

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FAA "WINGS" Training

The WINGS - Pilot Proficiency Program is designed to help each pilot construct a continuing education program.

It encourages pilots to continue their aviation educational pursuits, and personalize their recurrent training

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Complex | High-Performance Endorsements

Training to obtain your high-performance or complex endorsement or both is available in our aircraft or yours.

Per §CFR-61.31 (e)(f), an endorsement is required to operate a complex aircraft (Flaps, Retractable Landing Gear, Constant-speed propeller). and/or High-Performance aircraft (> 200 HP)

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Finish-Up Programs

Was your flight training interrupted prior to achieving your rating or certification?

We can help you get back on-track quickly and efficiently. Our Instructors will ensure completion, so long as you make the time and put in the effort. An evaluation flight and knowledge assessment is required, to help determine the most effective and efficient path to completion.

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