Private Pilot Certificate

The FAA requires a minimum of 40 hours flight training. However, the national average before certification is approximately 65-80 hours.

Private Pilot Training includes the basics of aircraft control and performance: navigation, maneuvers, weather interpretation, and basic instrument flying skills

Candidates will take a basic physical exam and apply for a Student Pilot Certificate. Prior to the checkride, students are required to take a written knowledge test – based on aviation regulations, aircraft systems, navigation and other items relevant to the Private Pilot Certificate. Students can fly day or night in VMC conditions (Visual Meteorological Conditions–not in the clouds). All training is conducted under Part 61 of the Federal Aviation Regulations. (§CFR 61 Subpart E).

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Training Pre-Requisites

A strong desire to learn to fly. At least 16-years old to solo, 17-years old to obtain Pilot Certificate. Proof of US Citizenship. Non-US Citizens must obtain:
TSA approval.

Student Resources

All relevant training materials are available through our partner: Fallon Aviation
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Training Requirements

FAA minimum training & testing requirements:
14 §CFR Part 61.102-113
Private Pilot ACS